Quickest Shoryukens in the East

It seems that the Japanese FGC has a strong focus on the Hit Box controller right now. After we highlighted Kawano's video on SOCD Hadoukens, another Japanese player, DaruNikki, showcased a specific technique on Hit Box for Street Fighter V: the Instant Dragon Punch. 


This technique takes advantage of both the input leniency of Street Fighter V and the vertical SOCD of Hit Box. First, SFV allows any of the Forward inputs (3, 6, or 9) to be the final motion input of Shoryuken . And secondly, when Down (2) and Up (8) are pressed at the same time on Hit Box, only Up (8) will be output.


Here are what the inputs look like:

[Left Hand] Forward (6) 

[Left Hand] Down (2) + Forward (6) 

[Left Hand] Down (2) + Forward (6) + [Right Hand] Up (8) + Punch (P) 


Though this method requires the same amount of inputs as other Hit Box methods, it ends up being faster for two reasons:

  1. It's easier to time inputs on presses alone (while the other methods require timing of both presses and releases).
  2. It's easier to time presses at the same time on one hand (while the other methods focus separating the final motion and action inputs on different hands)

DaruNikki explains this in his video, as well as the implications of this faster technique, like being able to react faster for anti-airs and hitting your combo links more consistently. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can actually do this method too fast, so be sure to practice with a consistent timing. 

If you have any questions about Street Fighter on Hit Box, be sure to join our Discord and hop into the #2d-traditionals channel. Also, explore the "How To Play" section through our link right below. And if you're looking for more quick inputs, check out our blog post "SFV Shortcuts."

We want to thank DaruNikki for highlighting this technique.