Smash Box Update - 5.0

We are releasing a firmware and Designer update for Smash Box for quality of life improvements and additional functionality. For those who play a lot of GameCube games besides Smash, you will probably like what we have added for this update.

Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update - 5.0

If you are new to the Smash Box or its Designer, you can remap your buttons and customize tons of options to personalize and optimize your gameplay! Find more info here: Designer Info.

Button Remapping in action!


Updates in 5.0

User Experience:

  • Installer
    • The Smash Box Designer now comes as a single package in an installer. It will guide you through most of the prerequisites necessary to get you changing your buttons and angles.
  • Improved Designer Functionality
    • Autodect: The Designer will now try to detect your Smash Box automatically, which should improve workflow for most users.
    • New flashing routine: new versions of avrdude and libusb to work better with Windows 10. This will help compatibility with more PCs.
    • Fixed permissions: the Designer and Firmware will now attempt to launch with the highest administrative permissions. This will help compatibility with more PCs.
  • Improved "Options" tab in Designer
    • Removed "Help and Contact" tab and put info in bottom of "Options" tab. Also changed and included more links in the Help section.
    • Added a button to launch the firmware updater.
    • Moved Gen2 Smash Box options into their own section.
  • Other:
    • Changed language within Designer to be more consistent with our own and the communities' terminology.
    • Fixed bug that hindered mapping the "Z" button on the nunchuk.


  • New Button Binds
    • LS -> C-Stick: Modifier that converts Analog movement buttons into C-Stick buttons.
    • LS -> Dpad: Modifier that converts Analog movement buttons into Dpad buttons.
    • (Gen2 Users) USB-Extra 6: An additional bind to use on PC for improved compatibility with more games.
  • New Functionality
    • Light L/R + Shield Mod = Hard L/R
      • Shield Mod was initially designed to change a regular L/R press into a Light L/R, but now can change a Light L/R to a full, digital press.
    • C-Stick Vertical SOCD
      • C-Stick UP now overrides C-Stick DOWN when activated at the same time.
    • (Gen2 Users) USB Gamepad Optimized
      • Values sent to PC should now match internal values in Smash Box. Great for emulators (Slippi, Dolphin, etc.)
      • Setup for Steam greatly improved.
  • New Profiles and Layouts
    • Added more to the "Alternative" and "Player Submitted" Profiles and Layouts that come with the Designer.
    • Includes layouts for fighting games like Under-Night, Melty Blood, and Guilty Gear; car games like F-Zero, Mario Kart, and Rocket League; and other games like RTB Shogi and Mario Odyssey .

Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update - 5.0

If for any reason you are having problems with your Smash Box, you can reach us at: or post in the #tech-support channel in our Discord.