Smash Box Designer

Beyond the precision of using Smash Box and its all-button design, you can customize and optimize your layouts and setting with the Smash Box Designer Software. From optimizing your gameplay for a competitive environment to formulating a way to play on a new game, the Designer will provide you the options to fully take control of your Smash Box.

Download Designer Software

Button Remapping

Use the Designer Software to change the button layout on your Smash Box.

  • Optimize your layout for a specific game, character, play-style, or technique.
  • 3 total button layouts - all accessible through the Profile Switch while playing.
  • Use unique Modifiers and functions found only on the Smash Box!

Learn more with our blog post: Button Remapping on Smash Box.



Customize Angles and SOCDs

You can use the Designer Software to customize the angles, Tilt Modifiers, and SOCDs on your Smash Box.


Nunchuk Support

Use a Nunchuk to play games with the analog stick feel!

Learn more with our guide: Smash Box Nunchuk Guide.

Saving and Sharing Layouts

The Smash Box Designer allows you to Export custom button layouts and analog setting profiles to share with other players. You can also Import any layouts and profiles to use on your Smash Box - tons are included with the Smash Box Designer download!

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Download Designer Software

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