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Steam Picks Up in Japan

As Hit Box touches down hard in Japanese retail stores, we've been noticing all sorts great articles popping up! Huge Pop Culture site did another great feature on Hit Box. Even controller modding sites have been taking notice like's feature on Hit Box controllers.  And man that looks...

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Persona 4 Tutorial by UncleGary

Hit Box player UncleGary made his own brand of tutorial for Arcsys games featuring Persona 4.  He brought some hefty new Hit Box tech to the table and was gracious enough to share it with the Hit Box community. UncleGary gives us pro tips on instant air dashing, instant blocking,...

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Vergil Gets Even More Broken

Our very own Hit Box Dustin has been making waves in the community by exposing a very simple option select with Vergil:  In one move you essentially get to ground throw, air throw, and Helm Breaker.  With this at your disposal, your opponent won't be able to escape!  Be sure...

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C. Viper's USF4 Combos!

Getting ready for Ultra Street Fighter IV??? Hit Box player Johan has been taking prep work to a whole new level with KingBlackToof’s mod of SSFIV:AE 2012 for PC.  This mod simulates USF4 with the reported changes from Super.  While these combos are not guaranteed to work in the final version...

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