Hit Box Firmware Update - Summer 2022

The Hit Box has new firmware for improved functionality in fighting game training modes and compatibility with a wider range of genres.

Download Hit Box Firmware

New Features
  • Improved Touchpad emulation
    • On PS4 games, the Touchpad button provides more output options - ie, allowing players to reset training mode in Street Fighter V.
      • You can hold Left, Down, or Right as you press Touchpad to change the reset positions in SFV.
    • On PC, functionality remains the same and will require remapping in Steam to add L3, R3, etc.
  • Directional Output modes
    • You can now swap among DPad, Left Stick, and Right Stick output with the directional buttons - DPad is still default.
    • With the Hit Box plugged in:
      • Hold Options/Start + Left for 5 seconds to output Left Stick
      • Hold Options/Start + Right for 5 seconds to output Right Stick
      • Hold Options/Start + Up for 5 seconds to output DPad
      • Unplugging and plugging the Hit Box back in will reset it to DPad.
    • This will provide more compatibility with games that do not accept DPad as movement.
    • More details in our official "Directional Output Modes" blog post: https://www.hitboxarcade.com/blogs/hit-box/directional-output-modes


Version Compatibility

  • WARNING: Updating an incompatible Hit Box with this firmware can result in your controller being unusable.
  • Compatible with: PS4/PC Hit Box
    • If your Hit Box has 4 menu buttons on the top, then it will be compatible.
      • If your Hit Box was ordered before June 2016 your Hit Box may not be compatible. Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you suspect your Hit Box was ordered within that time-frame.
    • If your Hit Box only has 3 menu buttons on the top, it is not compatible - do not update to this firmware.
  • Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you do not know your Hit Box version or compatibility, or if you have any issue with updating your firmware.

For any other questions or concerns, please visit our Discord in the #tech-support channel or contact at support@hitboxarcade.com.