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Smash Box - Out of Stock Update

Update for July 2nd, 2020 We far surpassed our goal for Smash Box and we're currently out of stock. We appreciate all the support from new players and the community around us. Get notified once we go live with pre-orders: Or if you can't wait try the SBXP:

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Smash Box Update 4.04

To couple with our SB-XP announcement earlier this week, we have an update for the Smash Box and its Designer Software! Smash Box 4.04 is a cleanup and update of our existing Smash Box codebase to make it more streamlined. Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update New and Updated Profiles...

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Smash Box Experience!

We're proud to announce and launch the Smash Box Experience! It brings all the features and functionality of the Smash Box to the hands of modders, controller engineers, and arcade controller enthusiasts. Build your experience, and take advantage of the customization of the Smash Box Designer. Here's LCC | Luberry...

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Smash Box and GC Adapter bundle option!

Starting right now, we're offering a bundled option with Smash Box that comes with our GC Adapter - at the price of $209.99! This is a $20 savings compared to if you bought them separately. On the Smash Box product page above the "ADD TO CART" button, there will be a...

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Clear Acrylic Covers and Art Templates!

You all have been asking us for quite a while to release official clear acrylic covers and art templates so you can get your own custom art onto your controllers.Well, Soon™ has become... Clear Acrylic Covers Hit Box acrylic Smash Box acrylic The clear acrylic top will replace your current cover and allow for...

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