Smash Box Update 4.04

To couple with our SB-XP announcement earlier this week, we have an update for the Smash Box and its Designer Software! Smash Box 4.04 is a cleanup and update of our existing Smash Box codebase to make it more streamlined.

Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update

  • New and Updated Profiles
    • Profile overviews: Smash Box Profiles.
    • Ultimate (Profile 1), Melee (Profile 2), and Rivals of Aether (Profile 3) as main defaults.
    • Ultimate and Melee profiles that are Smash World Tour ready.
    • Official Rivals of Aether, Smash 64, and P+ profiles.
    • "Walk Style" alternate profiles.
      • Designed to emulate the feel of traditional fighting games.
      • Walk is default movement, Tilts allow Dash and Run.
      • Try this out with Terry and the Shotos!
  • New Button Layouts
    • Layout overviews: Smash Box Layouts.
    • Updated default layout for one consistent layout across all titles.
    • New alternate layouts for different styles, genres, and systems.
      • "Homerow" layout, simplifies most actions to one row for limited hand movement.
      • Layouts specific for Smash 64, and N64 in general.

  • Nunchuk
    • Now fully plug-n-play; no more 'nunchuk mode.'
  • Full utilization of the MODE button
    • MODE overview: What is MODE?
    • Provides additional recovery angles in new default profiles.
    • Acts as a Lightshield (light press) modifier for L and R.
  • Improved Designer user experience and quality of life
    • Opens up on "Button Remapping" tab.
    • "Options" tab is more concise.
    • "Help and Contact" updated.
    • Verbiage more user-friendly and consistent.
  • Removed / Decluttered features
    • Redirection Modifiers and Multi-Input Actions are removed. (Mirror, Invert, Flip, Shorthop, Shieldtilt)
    • Options previously greyed out, never used, and/or considered useless. (Angle Visualizer tab, Quick Entry Editor, XOR SOCD Resolution, etc)


Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update 4.04