Tekken 7 on Hit Box

One of the worst kept secrets in all of fighting games is that the Hit Box is not only the best Tekken 7 fight stick alternative but the best controller for Tekken period. It has more precision than a standard fight stick or PS4 pad, and it is also built to be better for the hands. The 24mm digital buttons allow you to do your directional commands with accuracy, while also requiring less overall hand, wrist, and finger movements while playing.

The Hit Box's minimal, sleek design is meant to provide players the essentials for the competitive environment. In addition, transport is easy due to the Hit Box coming with a carrying bag and a detachable cable, so you do not have to worry about damaging your cable when moving around.

Hit Box is native to both PS4 and PC, meaning you can use it at your (future) in-person Tekken events, where consoles are far more popular, as well as on Steam for the better online experience. Keyboard players looking for a controller worth switching to, the Hit Box is it - especially with the Up button placed where space bar would be.

If you are looking to see how to take advantage of the Hit Box, we have plenty of "How To Play" content both on our website and YouTube. In fact, we have even catered a post for anyone beginning with Tekken 7: "Getting Started with Tekken 7 on Hit Box."

For those questioning the Hit Box's capability, especially compared to a fight stick, here is a highlight video of Super Akouma winning The Mix Up (made by OchotoTV):

If you are looking to improve your play or start off your training in the right way, then take control with Hit Box, the best Tekken 7 fight stick alternative.