Weekly Round Up #3: Army Edition

Hey guys! Due to preparations for the upcoming majors and regionals last weekend, there was no round-up post at the time. However, we’re glad to say we made up for it in spades, as the army and the HB community was absolute fire last week! Let’s check out the latest Hit Box news:

The Latest Members of the HB Army:

It’s been “unofficially official” news for a while now, but allow me to once and for all clear it up: we have added two prominent members of the #FGC to the HB army! We are pleased to welcome both Docta Afrikan and Densetsu for the 2019 EVO season!

Docta Afrikan has been an ally of the brand for a while now, and we’re very happy to be working with him in an official capacity. He fully played on Hit Box for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition late last year, notably getting 9th at KIT (his first major on it!). A technical monster with a side of appreciating a good meme on Twitter (notably his love-hate relationship with Claw), we are happy to have him onboard as an ambassador of the brand, and a kick ass player to boot.

Densetsu’s HB journey thus far is a classically legendary one. Starting from simply picking it up after the CPT last year, he ventured into transitioning fully into it by streaming his exploits online. Coining himself “HitBoxDensetsu” as his new CFN account, he quickly gathered a following with his strong Sagat play. On top of that, as a member of the insanely strong ATL FGC, it is no wonder that he got a strong following that quickly. We’re excited to support his rise into the community even further this EVO season.

Tournament Results

With these latest additions to the team, the HB Army did work last week! Quick results outlined below. Congratulations to the team for their top 8 placements and wins!

Zombmu @ Norcal Regionals

  • 5th – Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
  • 9th – Dragonball FighterZ

Docta Afrikan @ Super Bit Wars

  • 2nd – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Jayto @ Super Bit Wars

  • 1st – Dragonball FighterZ

How to PROPERLY use your Smash Box

We have a confession to make… we’ve been lying to you all along. There has been one true way to use a Smash Box. Our founder, Dustin, finally comes out and says what we’ve been wanting to hear all along.

(yes, this is an April Fools prank)

You Say that (You) Have Nowhere to Go

Marvel-3-Turned-DBFZ player Jayto has been regularly posting about Android 18 tech on Twitter. This past week was no different. And true to form, it has the feel of a certain X-man… we’ll let you guys decide.

(Internet brownie points to those who get the headline reference)

GAME CHANGER! With a capital “V”

Let’s just say that Claw from SFV has had a very… interesting journey in tier lists. But, Docta Afrikan may have blown this history wide open with his latest “tech”, designed to make you win more with Claw. Absolutely worth the watch.

Community Post of the Week

Simple and clean one for this week, with a side of very-Densetsu (legendary) product placement. Though, I have to wonder… Urien’s DP is a flash kick charge motion right? Is that how Urien players’ faces are when they press that up button? :O