Weekly Round Up #4: No Exceptions

Hi everyone! Most of the Hit Box army has been in the lab this week, and the team members have been working on... some things. ;) However, that doesn't mean that some incredible things happened over the last week, including some tournament results we never thought were possible.

All Hit Box Top 3

Let's start with the big one off the bat. CraZy's Super Akouma, long-time HB player and renowned Tekken player (made the TWT Finals in 2018!) recently posted a truly amazing sight: an all Hit Box top 3 at the recent No Exceptions tournament! Ask any member of the team: to this day, we are amazed at the support from the community that use a product that literally started as a love letter to MVC2, and has grown to be used in so many games in today's FGC. Let alone, getting to win with it. And let alone, having 2nd and 3rd ALSO be part of the HB community. Really guys, all our kudos to you.

No exceptions, indeed. #newslogan

300% Trend Continues

Jayto, our resident X-2...errr, Android 18 expert continues his lab work in DBFZ. If you guys are A18 players and are NOT following him at this point, I don't know what to say anymore. It's just disgusting from here.

Kid Buu and Bardock: AKA, ZombMu shops the character select screen

Fresh off his tournament performances recently, ZombMu has spent a considerable time in the lab himself, trying to figure out his next move. Or maybe next character. Or maybe anti-strats. Or maybe anti-anti... you know what, never mind. In any case, tech was made, and we're happy to share it here!

Community Post of the Week

A seemingly innocent Hit Box with a T-Hawk button. #thawkconfirmedsfv #notreallythisisajoke #maybejustmaybe