Weekly Round Up #4: No Exceptions

Hi everyone! Most of the Hit Box army has been in the lab this week, and the team members have been working on... some things. ;) However, that doesn't mean that some incredible things happened over the last week, including some tournament results we never thought were possible. All Hit...

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Steam Picks Up in Japan

As Hit Box touches down hard in Japanese retail stores, we've been noticing all sorts great articles popping up! Huge Pop Culture site did another great feature on Hit Box. Even controller modding sites have been taking notice like's feature on Hit Box controllers.  And man that looks...

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Smash Box 4.03 Firmware / Designer

SBDevs has been busy.  Smash Box has received SIGNIFICANT improvements across the board this year!  The Smash Box has been a continuous labor of love, and we hope you love the latest and greatest improvements via Firmware / Designer 4.03! NEW Smash Box Firmware / Designer Software v4.03 Download All the...

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Weekly Round Up #3: Army Edition

Hey guys! Due to preparations for the upcoming majors and regionals last weekend, there was no round-up post at the time. However, we’re glad to say we made up for it in spades, as the army and the HB community was absolute fire last week! Let’s check out the latest...

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