SSBU on Smash Box - B-Reverse and Wavebounce with C-Stick

B-Reverse and Wavebounce provide great movement mixup options in Ultimate, and can be pivotal to some characters. What is interesting is that the C-Stick input overrides your Analog input for an instant. Because of this you can get a 'Back' input while holding Forward with analog, allowing you to B-Reverse and Wavebounce with C-Stick.

Below we will overview how to use C-Stick for these techniques. Be sure to slow down the gifs to really see how the inputs look on the Smash Box.

Here is the default layout we ae using:


B Reverse - Side Special

This is the foundation of everything we will be going over in the blog.

To get the B-Reverse with Side Special:
Jump and hold forward
Press Special then immediately press C-Stick Back. 

So if you jump left, press C-Stick right; if you jump right, press C-Stick left.

B Reverse - Neutral Special

Just like with Side Special, activate Neutral Special in the air and then immediately press C-Stick back. While you can simply release forward to get Neutral Special, we recommend using X1/Tilt 2 to ensure a Neutral Special comes out. More info at Tilt Neutral B in SSBU.

Jump and hold Forward > X1/Tilt 2 + Special > C-Stick Back

Wavebounce - Side Special


Wavebouncing is the same idea as B-Reverse, but zig-zags your momentum and which direction you are facing.

Jump Forward > Side Special Back > C-Stick Forward

The goal here is to do the Special in the opposite direction of your aerial momentum, and the C-Stick input is simply the reverse direction of your special.


Wavebounce - Neutral Special


We are going to put everything we have learned above into this technique. Do the exact same Wavebounce as right before but add a Tilt button. This will turn the Side Special into a Neutral Special.

Jump Forward > X1/Tilt 2 + Back + Special > C-Stick Forward

It may look daunting at first, but once you get B Reverse (Side Special) down consistently, it will just come down to implementing the turn-arounds and Tilt buttons to get what you want.

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