SSBU - Recovery Angles

Dustin going over the main modifiers for recoveries.

In modifier mode, you have access to four analog modifiers with what where the Dpad buttons. We use these modifiers to directly affect the X and Y-Axis.

With X1 we get the strongest modification of the X-Axis, giving us a slow walk, for example. With X2 we get a weaker modification of the X-Axis.
Y1 is our strongest modifier for the Y-Axis, and Y2 is a slightly weaker one.
In addition, you can press X1+X2 or Y1+Y2 to get a third modifier for each axis.
By combining these modifiers to any ordinal input (ie, Up+Left, Down+Right, etc), it'll give you a different angle than the typical 45 degrees.
If you hold MODE while using the modifiers above, you'll get even more angles - angles in between the originals.
Happy Training!