SSBU - SOCD Neutral Tech

Let's talk about SOCD, and some of its uses on Smash Box in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

First off, what's an SOCD? 

SOCD stands for Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions - basically, the act of pressing Left and Right at the same time. The default setting on Smash Box for resolving SOCD is "SOCD Neutral," which means that when you press Left and Right at the same time you will get a "neutral" input (or what could be called the resting position of an Analog stick). For more information on SOCDs and its many Resolutions, check out our What Is SOCD? post.

This is a great tool because it can help out with precision and easing your mind when you want that neutral input.

Running into Jab

Going straight into the basics here. When you press Left and Right at the same time, you get a Neutral input. With a Neutral input plus Attack, you get a Jab. Ultimate is pretty great because once you start cancelling your run you have access to your normal, standing Attacks. So, what we're doing here is cancelling the run - by pressing back while holding forward - and going straight into Jab.

(Run and hold forward then press back and hit Attack) 
Some characters get tons of use out of the running jab, and this is also very useful for getting neutral B inputs instead of using Tilt.


Running Standing Grab

Running into standing Grab works exactly the same, but, instead of inputting Attack, we're inputting Grab.


All or most characters seem to benefit by using their standing grab instead of running grab.

Running Into Nair

Another great use for SOCD Neutral is getting a nair and keeping as much momentum as possible. Similar to above, as we're holding forward, we'll be pressing back and Attack at the same time, but with the addition of Jump. After the aerial has come out, we can release back to maintain the forward momentum.

(Run and hold forward then press back, Attack, and Jump at the same time)

Our examples show the nair using the Short-Hop bind in Ultimate, but SOCD Neutral with nair can also be used without the bind - out of regular short hop, full hop, or whatever situation you really want to ensure that nair. 

Item Z-Drop

One of the best uses of SOCD Neutral is Z-Dropping with item characters.
Just like nair, we'll be in the air while activating the SOCD. And, with a well timed release of forward, we can keep most of the forward momentum.

(Run and hold forward. Jump and then press back and Z/Grab at the same time) 

All of the above is a general overview of what SOCD Neutral is and how we can apply it in Ultimate. But let's dive into something really fun.

Z-Drop Aerial Rush

Here's SOCD Neutral applied to what is called a Z-drop Aerial Rush (or ZAR). Normally you can't do aerials when you're holding an item. However, if you drop the item you can do an aerial right away - and it'll regrab the item for you!

This works just like SOCD Z-Dropping, but with an aerial added right after the item is dropped. 

(ZAR with Nair) (ZAR with Fair)

(Run and hold forward. Jump. Press back and Z at the same time. Release Z then press A or C-Stick Forward) 


May your inputs be blessed!

- Cameron