SSBU on Smash Box - Electric Wind God Fist with Kazuya

The Smash Box is simply the best controller for Kazuya in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Smash Box provides the obvious input accuracy needed for the character, but beyond that it affords quicker and better spaced command inputs than anything else.


In this post we will go over Kazuya's powerful Electric Wind God Fist (or EWGF), and show you all of the ways to input it.



The Basics

The first thing let us go over the basic input:

Forward -> Neutral -> Down -> Down-Forward + Attack 


(Note: You technically do not need the "Neutral" input. But with this basic method it is difficult to skip the "Neutral" input. Our Crouch and SOCD methods below will give you faster EWGFs that skip this "Neutral" input.) 

Perfect Timing

If you time the Attack input perfectly with the Down-Forward input, then you will get that electric spark with the attack - this is where the "Electric" part of the name comes from. It will also cause a stun on the enemy if you hit them with it.

A slight late mistiming of the input will lead to a regular Wind God Fist, which is still a good move but not nearly has powerful as the EWGF.

(Note: You can also time the Attack input with the Down input and get an EWGF. However, using that timing is not recommended with the Tilt and SOCD Tilt method below, since that will give you a Down-Tilt instead.)

Below is a slow motion showcase of three EWGFs in a row, with the final hitting the opponent.


Tap Attack

Additionally, you want to make sure that you do not hold the Attack button. If you hold the Attack button, you will get Kazuya's Uppercut attack. Below showcases a quick tap of the Attack button to get the EWGF followed by a hold of the Attack button to get the Uppercut. 


Using Tilt Modifiers

In addition, you can use the Tilt modifiers to keep Kazuya from moving forward as much and still get the EWGF. The below gif showcases that lack of a dash before regular WGFs using Tilt 2.

Hold Tilt 2 -> Forward -> Neutral -> Down -> Down-Forward + Attack



(Note: You technically do not need the "Neutral" input, but with this basic method it is difficult to skip the "Neutral" input. Our Crouch and SOCD methods below will give you faster EWGFs that skip this "Neutral" input.) 

From Crouch

You can also do EWGF from crouch with a simple input:

Down-Forward -> Down -> Down-Forward + Attack

This is the first version of EWGF that can be input in 3 frames instead of 4 frames by skipping the Down input. This requires that you get into the crouch animation or already be holding Down-Forward).

Simply release and tap forward again for the command input. 


Using SOCD

By using SOCD, you can skip the Down input and get the most consistent and useful 3-frame EWGF.

You can think of the input in two different ways:

Forward -> Forward + Down + Back -> Forward + Down + Attack


Hold Forward -> Down-Back -> Down + Attack


You will press and hold Forward, then add Down and Back, then release Back and press Attack.


This works because on Smash Box when you press Forward + Back you get a Neutral input in the horizontal axis. So if you are pressing Down with Forward + Back, the Neutral horizontal input plus a Down input will result in a Down. This allows you to get the needed Down input into Down-Forward very quickly.

Check out the input in slow motion. 


SOCD Tilt Method

You can also use the SOCD method with Tilts modifiers as well!


Just be careful with the SOCD Tilt method because if you input the Attack button when you are still holding Down, you will get Down-Tilt. 

Below is a showcase of pressing Attack too soon and getting a Down-Tilt. 


SOCD Crouch Method

Works very similar to the original Crouch method, but instead of releasing and tapping Forward you are tapping and releasing Back.

You can think of this input in two ways:

Down-Forward -> Back + Down + Forward -> Down-Forward + Attack


Hold Down-Forward -> Tap and Release Back -> Press Attack 



We hope this post helps you with your path to Perfect Electric Wind God Fists and becoming the most powerful Kazuya in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Keep an eye out for more Kazuya and SSBU content in the future!

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