SSBU - Terry Bogard Motions, Input Shortcuts, and Coil


The Smash Box is the best controller for Terry in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The precision of his motion inputs are better, there is better access the shortcuts for his supers, and the Coil technique is far more accessible and viable. If you are looking to improve your Terry gameplay on Smash Box, you are in the right place!

Special Inputs

The key aspect of Terry is his motion inputs for Special attacks. On a typical controller Terry can be difficult due to the analog stick, or even a joystick. But on Smash Box you will get precise inputs due to the arcade buttons.


Burn KnuckleDown -> Down + Forward -> Forward + Attack

Crack ShootDown -> Down + Back -> Back + Attack

Power DunkForward -> Down -> Down + Forward + Attack

Rising TackleHold Down (for about a second) -> Up + Attack

Using Tilts with Specials

To make positioning even easier, you can hold down Tilt 1 or Tilt 2 to walk slowly and still get your Special motion inputs. This is especially useful for Rising Tackle, because by holding down with Tilt modifiers you will prevent crouch and you can walk around while holding the down charge.


Power Dunk Shortcuts

Due to the leniency of inputs for the special motions, Smash Box is able to do Power Dunk in multiple ways. Beyond the traditional way, as shown above, there are two shortcuts you can use.


Power Dunk "Forward" ShortcutForward -> Down + Forward -> Forward + Attack

Power Dunk Crouching Shortcut: Down + Forward -> Down -> Down + Forward + Attack


Buster Wolf


Once you reach 100%, you have access to your Supers. Buster Wolf is pretty straight forward: it is two quarter-circle forward motions back to back.

Down -> Down + Forward -> Forward -> Down -> Down + Forward -> Forward + Attack

Power Geyser


Power Geyser can be a bit more tricky, but its inputs are fairly simple.

Down -> Back -> Down -> Forward + Attack

Input Shortcuts for Supers

Buster Wolf


On Smash Box, when you press Left and Right at the same time you get a center or "neutral" input. So when you press Left + Right + Down, the only direction output to the game is Down. We use this to our advantage to get a quicker Buster Wolf with just two presses.
Back+Down+Forward > Forward > Back+Down+Forward > Forward + Attack
Hold Forward > Tap and Release Down+Back twice > Forward + Attack

Power Geyser


The simplified version of the motions for Power Geyser is a total of 4 directional inputs. Our shortcut version is 3.
Down > Down+Back > Forward + Attack


Probably the most unique techniques in Ultimate, and incredibly useful for Terry. With Coil, you do not need to hold Down on the Analog Directions any more!


To Coil: Hold Analog Down -> Hold C-Stick Down -> Release Analog Down


With Tilt Stick on, by holding Down on the Analog Directions then holding Down on C-Stick, you can release the Analog Directions and keep your "Down" held with C-Stick. So, you can Coil with C-Stick Down and walk or run into Rising Tackle with ease!

Double Tap Coil

With a normal Coil, you cannot use your attack button. However, with a Double Tap Coil (DTCoil), you are free to use your attack button for aerials, tilt attacks, whatever you want! 


To DTCoil: Hold Analog Down -> Double Tap C-Stick Down then Hold -> Release Analog Down


What makes Smash Box so great for Terry compared to other controllers in this situation is that you can still get guaranteed Tilt Attacks by simply using the Tilt Modifiers. Since you will be using Tilt Stick most likely, there is no need to release C-Stick Down and so no need to lose your Coil!


You can set up DTCoil in any situation. Here we showcase it by doing the input during an aerial.

DTCoil with Burn Knuckle and Crack Shoot

DTCoil helps with input precision in other special moves.


Burning KnuckleDTCoil -> Release C-Stick Down -> Forward + Attack

Crack ShootDTCoil -> Release C-Stick Down -> Back + Attack

You can even do Burning Knuckle directly out of a run!

DTCoil -> Run and Hold Forward -> Release C-Stick Down -> Attack

DTCoil with Supers

Similar to the DTCoil Burning Knuckle, but you add in a quarter-circle.

DTCoil -> Hold Analog Forward -> Release C-Stick Down -> Down -> Down + Forward -> Forward + Attack

DTCoil Power Geyser simply removes the need to do the Down input.

DTCoil -> Release C-Stick Down -> Back -> Down -> Forward + Attack

As you can see, Smash Box is the best controller for Terry! If you have any questions about SSBU on Smash Box, please join our Discord and hop into the #smash-ultimate channel. Also be sure to explore the "Smash Box" and "SSBU" tags at the bottom of the post for more How-To content.