Tilt Attacks on Smash Box

If Smash Box is all buttons, how do Tilt Attacks work?

Smash Box uses special buttons called "modifiers" that work exactly like the Shift key on your keyboard.  By holding down a Tilt modifier, your analog movement goes from full tilt to only slightly tilt!

The Up / Down / Left / Right buttons on Smash Box are your analog stick, and learning to use the Tilt modifiers gives you perfect control over your subtle movements!

Full Video Tutorial

Holding Tilt2 gives you easy turnaround tilts attacks!


Holding Tilt 1 makes all of your Analog buttons only partially tilt, making your character walk and throw out tilt attacks.  Normally the Analog buttons are full tilt, but with Tilt 1 held they are only moving slightly.  Holding Tilt1 guarantees your tilt attacks to come out exactly how you want them, including Angled Tilts!

Tilt2 is specially designed to give you Turnaround Up Tilts and Down Tilts!  By holding a diagonal (example Right + Up) with the Tilt2 modifier, rather than getting an Angled Tilt, you'll get an Up or Down Tilt in the directions you're holding!  This is extremely handy to aim whether your Up and Down Tilts are facing Left or Right.  Orienting your character perfectly in SSBU is a challenge, and Smash Box makes it easy! 

Now you can Tilt Attack and buffer your aerials EXACTLY how you want them! (You're Welcome)

Happy training!
- Dustin