Shift Mode on Cross|Up

One of the most exciting aspects of the Cross|Up is its Shift Mode.

By pressing and holding Touchpad + Options at the same time, you activate Shift Mode on the Cross|Up.

What is Shift Mode?

By activating Shift Mode, you get access to an alternate layout on your selected profile.
This affords you more access to binds and inputs that can improve your practice and training regimen!
You can also use Button Remapping to edit your own Shift Mode layouts for your own profiles.

Default Shift Mode Layout

This is the Shift Mode layout that most fighting game profiles will come with - some will vary.
By holding Shift Mode, you would have access to:
      • Up: Tekken Training Reset (Touchpad + X)
        • Down: UMvC3 Training Reset (Touchpad + Start)
          • Left: L3
            • Right: R3

               Remapping Shift Mode

              By selecting the "Shift Mode" box in the top-right of the Designer, you will be able to remap the layout just like any other profile!

              Follow our Button Remapping guide for more information.

              - - -

              If you are having any issues with your Cross|Up Designer, please use our troubleshooting guide: If this guide does not solve your issue, please reach out to, or visit our Discord and post in the #tech-support channel.


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