Street Fighter 6 on Hit Box - Charge Motions

A Hit Box Guile is a sight to behold.  Daigo Umehara, The Beast himself, has been paving the way for Hit Box Guile players all the way to EVO Top 8 finals in SFV.  But what about SF6?  Here at Hit Box we were lucky enough to get in on the October Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta and test things out personally.  Guile is looking extremely strong in Street Fighter 6, and Hit Box elevates him to the next level.

Hit Box innately shines with Guile (as well as any other charge characters) through its specialized layout, and things get even better when we add special techniques. Buttons as directions naturally avoids the travel distance of moving horizontally across Left to Right.  Our fingers give us a natural edge with practice and coordination.  And utilizing input techniques like SOCDs and Sliding, we can push our inputs to perfection.

The next generation of Street Fighter is almost here, and the next Beta is right around the corner.  Now is the time up train and enjoy the all-button Hit Box experience with Guile!

    Perfect Sonic Boom

    Currently in Street Fighter 6, Guile has a "Perfect" Sonic Boom, meaning the Punch button needs to be pressed within a few frames of hitting Forward.  So far in the Beta it looks to be required for Guile's big combos, but changes can occur while the game is still in development. Right now, thanks to the Perfect Sonic Booms, Hit Box is looking stronger than ever.

    Down + Back (charge)
    (Release Down-Back)
    Forward + Punch

    With proper hand coordination, there is no travel time that you would get with traditional joysticks and pads.  With practice you can very efficiently throw a Sonic Boom and return to charging.

    Tip:  You can reach your right Index finger over to the Forward input to hit a perfect Forward + Punch (P1 side only).  Reaching over is referred to as a technique called half "Half Position".

    SOCD Flash Kick

    Down + Back (hold)
    Up Kick (tap) (still holding Down + Back)
    Notice how I am never letting go of Down-Back?  We are utilizing the power of SOCDs (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions).  This is when you press two or more directions that are opposite of each other.
    Up always beats Down on default Hit Box.  In other words, Jump always wins; Up overrides Down.  But in this case Left is still being held the whole time, so the Left is connected to the Up button now, giving us Left + Up.

    To input a Flash Kick, simply charge Down-Back, then press Jump + Kick simultaneously with your right hand.

    Just-Frame: Low Flash Kick

    You might also notice that I am using my Right Thumb.  "The Jump Button" (Up) with your right thumb makes it extremely easy to hit Up + Kick together at the same time!  If you master this technique, Guile will remain crouching as the attack animation begins.  Staying low keeps more distance between you and your opponent -- giving more reaction time for an anti-air!

    Both thumbs have access to the Jump Button.
    Typically, there is a safety timing gap between pressing Up and pressing Kick.  It is risky to try to time Up + Kick perfectly on traditional controllers.  If you press Kick before Up, the move fails and you accidentally get a normal kick.  It is safer to slightly delay the Kick during pre-jump frames.  However, this makes Guile stand up and begin jumping before the motion is complete.  Your hurtbox is raised and your anti-air might get stuffed; whereas a perfect input would keep Guile crouching as the Flash Kick begins. By using your Right Thumb, pressing Up + Kick is reliable for a perfect Low Flash Kick.
    Note: Remember that Left + Right is not the same outcome for Sonic Booms.  Left + Right centers your input to a Neutral state (like letting go altogether).  While this may seem counterintuitive for charge characters, there are enough other critical advantages to SOCD Neutral to make it the default outcome of choice (such as Instant Dashing).

    In True Neutral SOCD Mode, Up no longer prioritizes over Down -- they nullify each other just like Left + Right. This requires coordination in your vertical charge moves just like your horizontal charges.  No big deal, just release the down button when you finish.  The true power is the simultaneous right hand Thumb + Finger to finish the charge instantly.

    Horizontal Charge Super

    Down-Back (charge)
    Forward + Punch

    Normally there is that long travel distance of a stick moving back and forth, but having multiple fingers our fingers can quickly dance back and forth for a simple and smooth Sonic Hurricane!

    At first, biggest danger is to not press Left + Right at the same time by moving too fast and jumbling your fingers together accidentally.  This will give you a Neutral input and possibly miss the motion.  Try it slow and rhythmically at first and the coordination will be second nature.

    Horizontal Charge God Super

    Let us see how fast we can go!
    Down-Back (charge)
    Down-Forward (begin sliding hand left)
    Back (continue sliding left)

    Forward + Punch (right hand Half Position)

    This is a perfect input for Sonic Hurricane: it can be finished in 3 frames from a charge.  We are utilizing three key ingredients to achieve the fastest possible super: an alternate input ("altcut" as opposed to shortcut), Sliding technique, and Half Position technique (reaching your right hand over to help with the directional buttons).

    After charging, the alternate input is the Down-Forward diagonal -- rather than skipping inputs like other shortcuts, this is designed to set up our sliding technique to complete the motion!  If we keep our fingers in exactly the same on the Down and Left buttons and slide our hand horizontally to the left, you slide across the Left button: the Middle Finger crosses over the Left button, and the Index Finger will whiff and not hit any other buttons (since the buttons are curved)!  This slide gives you an instant, clean Left.

    Now we're ready to finish the motion.  Our left hand has now slid left across all of the buttons, and the Back input is released.  At this point we can reach our right hand over to Half Position -- with our right hand Index and Middle fingers, hit Forward + Punch for the final input.

    Mastering this technique is challenging, but the payoff is worth the effort.  This technique is very fast, which means we can react to whiff punish normals and stuff EX fireballs with a Sonic Hurricane!  That trumps almost every move - and do not forget about breaking those pesky armored Drive Rushes!  A crouching Guile just got even more terrifying.

    Happy Training,
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