SOCD Modes on Hit Box

The Hit Box has access to two SOCD Modes.

  • Standard SOCD Mode: the traditional Hit Box SOCD settings.
    • Left + Right = Neutral
    • Up + Down = Up
  • Alternative SOCD Mode: true neutral SOCD.
    • Left + Right = Neutral
    • Up + Down = Neutral

Choosing SOCD Modes

The SOCD Mode is chosen while plugging in the controller and holding down a specific button.

Once the Hit Box is booted into a specific SOCD Mode it will stay in that mode until you manually boot it into another mode.

Standard SOCD Mode: Hold K1 as you plug in the Hit Box.

[This will be the default SOCD Mode when you update the firmware of your Hit Box]

Alternative SOCD Mode: Hold K2 as you plug in the Hit Box.



NOTE:  You do not need to select your SOCD Mode every time you plug your Hit Box in.  The SOCD Mode stays in memory for the next time you plug in your Hit Box and until you manually change to another SOCD Mode.

Using With Other Modes

You can boot the Hit Box into a specific SOCD Mode at the same time you boot it into a PC Mode.

You have access to all Directional Output Modes as well.


To access this functionality, download the latest firmware:

If you have any questions about the Hit Box, please join our community on Discord and visit the #hit-box channel. In addition, be sure explore the "Hit Box" and "Features" tag at the bottom of the post for more content.