Tekken Movement Guide UPDATE

The Tekken Pro Movement Guide got a big update -- so big it affects 1/3 of the cast!  So if you play Alisa, Anna, Asuka, Eddy, Lars, Lee, Lili, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, Nina, Noctis, Yoshimitsu, or Zafina, this is for you. For the full Pro Tekken Movement Guide, click...

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Hit Box - The Switch Update

You read that right. "The Switch Update."The Hit Box is now natively compatible for the Nintendo Switch. No more need for adapters or converters! This firmware update has been making its way around our Discord for a little over a month now, hence the September release on it - we...

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NyxRose: Owner of EQNX and Hit Box shill

Meeting and talking to Hit Box players around the world has been an incredibly exciting and valuable experience for me - I've been able to learn so much and gain insight from the many perspectives of our players. It's rare, however, that any of these perspectives come from people who have strong...

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Sajam on Hit Box

  Look what came in the mail! Thanks @Hit_Box, I’m looking forward to learning Hit Box on stream. Should be a fun experiment! — Stephen Lyon (@Sajam) September 16, 2019   Recently, Sajam somehow got a hold of a Hit Box and has been doing content with it. We appreciate...

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