Donate To Charity - Win A Hit Box At SGDQ!!!


Summer Games Done Quick is a charity marathon event that's all about VIDEO GAMES.  They'll be speedrunning your favorite games this week from Thursday to Monday nonstop!  You'll be able to watch it live and donate to support their charity of choice, Doctors Without Borders.

Other than supporting a great cause, donating will also qualify you to win tons of fun prizes, including a Nintendo 3DS and the one and only Hit Box arcade controller!  Check out their website to learn where to tune in and how to donate!

See what speedruns are all about in the video below!  This is a clip from their last speedrun charity marathon ADGQ where they raised $448,423.27 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation!


UPDATE:  SDGQ is streaming live right now!  What are you waiting for?  Tune in here and enjoy!!