Watch: Tokyo Melee, T.O., and RTB-Shogi on Smash Box

Watch first learned about Smash Box with Japanese Melee player Rudolph while in America in late 2017, but was inspired to pick one up after he saw the Melee player Sobameshi and some of the best Real Time Battle Shogi players using Hit Box controllers for their games. Recently, Hit Box controllers have been on store shelves in Yodobashi, which has garnered plenty of interest with Smash players in that area.
Watch is an interpreter and does translation work, but probably most well known for being a tournament organizer for Tokyo Melee since February 2018, #14 on Japan's Melee power rankings as Ice Climbers, and a partner with VGBC (one of the premier streaming and content creators in the Smash Bros. community). He consistently works with the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Tokyo, hosting his Liquid Crystal Melee events there. Coming soon, he's even hosting larger Melee events to help bring in players from around the world. The first one is coming up in December and the official major happening in February.

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However, even with all of his time and work with the Smash community, the game he plays strictly on Smash Box is Real Time Battle Shogi. He believes games like it and other puzzles games get the most out of the Smash Box. But... what's RTB-Shogi you ask? Here's a taste:

RTB-Shogi: Player on the left is using a Smash Box.

Shogi is a Japanese board game that plays similar to Chess. This Switch version has real-time actions and cool-downs on pieces, unlike the original turn-based Shogi, and the Smash Box provides the precise movement needed to get the most of our your actions - and why it has garnered attention from serious RTB-Shogi players. If you're interested in playing this game, you can purchase it on the Nintendo Shop through a separate profile on your Switch with its region set to Japan. After that, you can play it on any profile on your Switch. 

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This is our first, out of hopefully many, community spotlight blog posts where we focus on Hit Box and Smash Box players and communities that are doing great work.

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