Hit Box Firmware v1.05

The new Hit Box 1.05 firmware changes how SOCD settings work, and overhauls the back row of menu buttons.  This update is a significant change in controller functionality to bring better quality of life and performance.

  • SOCD boot settings
  • SOCD settings saved to memory.
  • "SHIFT Key" Improved L3 / R3 commands.

These changes are intended to improve upon 1.04 and make training mode access easier, as well as comply with Capcom Pro Tour’s 2023 Y-Axis SOCD requirements.


Hit Box Version Compatibility

WARNING: Updating an incompatible Hit Box with this firmware can result in your controller being unusable.

  • Compatible with: PS4/PC Hit Box
    • If your Hit Box has 4 menu buttons on the top, then it will be compatible.
      • If your Hit Box was ordered before June 2016 your Hit Box may not be compatible. Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you suspect your Hit Box was ordered within that time-frame.
    • If your Hit Box only has 3 menu buttons on the top, it is not compatible - do not update to this firmware.
  • Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you do not know your Hit Box version or compatibility.


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SOCD Boot Modes

SOCD settings are now chosen while plugging in the controller and holding a button.  Holding  

K1 (Cross / X / Light Kick) sets the controller in the classic Hit Box SOCD mode.  K2 (Circle / O / Medium Kick) sets the controller into True Neutral SOCD mode.  

The controller will keep that SOCD setting in memory indefinitely until manually changed again.  The default setting after updating is the traditional Hit Box SOCD mode.

  • Hit Box SOCD Mode (default setting)

    • Up + Down = Up (SOCD Jump)
    • Left + Right = Neutral
    • Hold K1 (Cross / X / Light Kick) while plugging in.


  • True Neutral SOCD Mode (CPT ruleset compliant)

    • Up + Down = Neutral (SOCD Stand)
    • Left + Right = Neutral
    • Hold K2 (Circle / O / Medium Kick) while plugging in.


NOTE:  Remember, you do not need to select your SOCD mode every time you plug your controller in.  The controller setting stays in memory as the new default SOCD for the next time you play.

    "SHIFT Key" Button

    The back menu buttons have changed and a new "Shift Key" feature has replaced the left-most button.  This change gives better access to L3 / R3 and general training mode quality of life.  Here's the full breakdown:

    Default (SHIFT Inactive):

    The layout for the back of the controller is now: SHIFT / Home / Touchpad / Options.  By itself SHIFT does nothing until it is combined with other buttons (see below).

    SHIFT Active (held):

    By holding the SHIFT button, the Home / Touchpad / Options buttons transform into Share / L3 / R3.  This change in button functions not only makes for easier access than in 1.04, but it also clears up any conflicts that require Touchpad with a directional input for training mode positions.

    Training Mode Summary:


    Additional Notes

    • Changing Directional Output Modes between DPad / Left Stick / Right Stick are intact with all settings:
      • Left Stick Mode:  Hold Left + Options for 5 seconds.
      • Right Stick Mode:  Hold Right + Options for 5 seconds.
      • DPad Mode (default):  Hold Up + Options for 5 seconds.

    • Forced compatibility modes are intact with all settings:
      • Holding P1 on plug-in = PS3
      • Holding P2 on plug-in = PS4
      • Holding P3 on plug-in = XInput
      • Holding P4 on plug-in = Switch 

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    Download Firmware v1.05

    How to update firmware: Updating Firmware on Hit Box
    [instructions for updating firmware are also included with the firmware download]


    For any questions, concerns, or to report any issues with the firmware in the #tech-support channel in our Discord or contact support@hitboxarcade.com.