Mario 64 PC Port Profiles

Play Mario 64 on your Hit Box, Smash Box, and Cross|Up!

People seem to be playing N64 games on PC a lot more...

...but getting controllers to work on these PC Ports is difficult, with very little controller accessibility.  Some Hit Box, Smash Box, and Cross|Up profiles might help significantly with this problem.  

Here are the profiles we set up for Mario 64.  Wahoo!


Cross|Up Designer Profile Download

Bon appetit Alpha Backers!  Drop that file in your layout folder and load it onto your Cross|Up through the Cross|Up Designer software!  The game will detect your Cross|Up and work perfect!  Make sure your Cross|Up is tuned up to 1.06.  Check the 1.06 page for more information, and have fun!

Keyboard Mapping Program AntiMicro

For Hit Box and Smash Box users, we recommend that a free open source program AntiMicro.  It is extremely low latency and has a great clean interface.  It's my personal favorite controller to keyboard input mapper.  You can also use JoytoKey, but I will be walking you through my personal favorite.

AntiMicro Download / Profile Directory Instructions:

Download AntiMicro Here

Download "antimicro-2.23-win32.msi" and install

Once you've installed the program, we're going to place the new download files into the directory!

If this is your screen, you're right on track!  To find the file directory go to Options -> Settings

From this Settings you'll see the default directory.  If you're not keen on putting things in the "Documents" folder, you can change it to whatever you like.

Place the Antimicro profile(s) you downloaded from above into this folder!  Now we're ready to plug our controller in and play!

Hit Box

Download the AntiMicro and its Hit Box Profile:

AntiMicro Download Page

Hit Box AntiMicro Profile Download

Put Your Hit Box in DirectInput PC Mode:

Assuming you have downloaded the latest Switch Update Firmware (totally get it if you haven't yet!), your Hit Box actually boots up in XInput -- which we don't want in this case!  Long story short I heard that this PC Port is set up only for a default XBox pad, so Hit Box will only kinda-sorta work.  We need to play in DirectInput mode to bypass the game from recognizing us as an Xbox controller!

To Boot up in DirectInput:  Hold Down Medium Punch (P2 / Triangle / 2 / the top middle finger button / that one) while you plug in your Hit Box.

Check joy.cpl:

Press "Windows Key + R" and type in "joy.cpl" to confirm that your controller is plugged in properly.

Then hit "Properties" to button check your controller.

From here we can confirm we're in DirectInput if it says "P4 Wired Gamepad" as well as make sure that your PC is reading all the buttons.

Load the Profile:


Click on the "Load" icon and open up "Mario 64 - Hit Box.joystick"

Congratulations, you're all set up!  Your Hit Box will now send keyboard inputs to match the games input mapping.

Smash Box

Download the AntiMicro and its Smash Box Profile:

AntiMicro Download Page

Smash Box AntiMicro Profile Download

Use the 'Generic' Button Layout (profile II):

This is the button layout we will be using!  It's the default third profile switch on your Smash Box!

Switch your Smash Box to the third profile (position "II")

It's important that your Smash Box matches this button layout!  In the Designer, click "Load Premade Profile" and bring in the file called "Generic.sbl" if you've changed your defaults.

If you don't have the Smash Box Designer software, click here.

Put it in PC Mode:

Now we need to put our Smash Box into PC mode.  If your Smash Box is Gen 2 with PC native or have the Gen 2 Upgrade Board installed you can plug it in while holding down the left pinky "TILT" button and play via the USB cord.

Alternatively, you can use a GameCube Adapter.  Plug the adapter into your PC and make sure that it is in PC mode.

Check joy.cpl:

Press "Windows Key + R" and type in "joy.cpl" to confirm that your controller is plugged in properly.

Then hit "Properties" to button check your controller.

From here we can confirm that all of our buttons are working properly!  With a GameCube adapter you will have to find which port you plugged into.

Load the Profile:

Click on the "Load" icon and open up "Mario 64 - Smash Box.joystick"

Congratulations, you're all set up!  Your Smash Box will send keyboard strokes to match the game's input mapping.

Wah!  Wahooo!!  Yipeeee!!!


If you want to read more about this topic on Mario check out the VGC article that broke this:


If you have any more questions, please check out our "How To" blogs as well as the various game channels in our Discord - all linked below.

Happy Training,