Cross|Up Designer 1.06 is Here!

- Remap buttons and customize your controller with ease!
- Save up to 12 unique profiles directly to your controller and take them with you!
- Choose from dozens of pre-made powerful profiles, customize them, and share with friends!
- Plug in your Wii Nunchuck (now button remappable) and play any genre of game!

    Download Cross|Up Designer 1.06

    We've been working extra hard to bring you the Hit Box Cross|Up Designer 1.06.  Check out all of the cool new changes, improvements, and extra features that come bundled with this new firmware update!  (Don't forget to update your firmware!) 

    Improved User Experience

      The workflow for the Designer in 1.06 has been significantly improved.

      Organized Input Bind Menus:  Menus are are now grouped by function (instead of being one long list).  It's much easier and quicker to set up a new profile now!

      Load / Save (CTRL+L / CTRL+S):  Load and Save to your controller through the Settings menu, by pressing Ctrl+L or Ctrl+S respectively, or with the “Load Controller” and “Save Controller” buttons at the top of Designer.

        Click-To-Edit Titles: Double-click the titles label to change your profile’s name.

        System Tags: PS Tags / NS Tags change what gaming console the button labels represent -- PS4 or Switch. The Designer will do the button translations for you so you can focus on creating your layout. (Did we mention your Cross|Up works on Nintendo Switch?) Tags for more systems are coming soon!

          Settings Menu Buttons: Three new buttons have been added on the right side of the main screen to help you quickly access your Input/SOCD Settings, Nunchuck Settings, and Designer Settings.


          Touchscreen / Mouse Friendly:  The entire UI is now optimized for touchscreens.  You can navigate the whole Designer now with a finger or mouse!

          Persistence:  Your controller settings (every button, every setting, for every profile) are now automatically saved when you close the Designer, and loaded when you open it.  There’s also a new function in the Settings Menu that will reload the 1.06 presets.  This way you won't have to "Load Controller" every time you open the Designer.

          Permanence:  All settings are now per-profile and permanently stored on your controller after you hit the “Save Controller” button. Button mappings, SOCD/Priority, Nunchuck mappings and options, profile titles, and even what system the profile was meant to be used on are now permanently stored on your controller after a Save.

          Improved Profile Saving and Importing:  
          CTRL + I = Import

          CTRL + E = Export

          Layout exports are now slicker and easier than ever. Layout exports now export only the buttons shown on your screen. You can choose to export your controller settings for that profile if you have settings that are dependent on using a Nunchuck or a specific SOCD/Priority system.

          The Designer now also generates an image based on your actual button layout instead of asking you to provide an image (although the feature to have a custom image is still there). Images are now packed with the exported layout (so be conscious of your custom image sizes, keep them under 2GB for the sake of everyone else).

          Profiles now feature a hyperlink field. The best way to show off your profile is with a video or writeup of how to use it. You can now link to those directly in the profile exports.

          Training Mode Subprofiles:  One of the least understood features of the Cross|Up is also one of its most powerful.  Training Mode is active on your controller when you hold the Touchpad + Options buttons on the back of your controller. When your controller is in Training Mode, the buttons and stick functions shift to its Training Mode counterparts.  (e.g., Training Mode + Up on the stick will reset your character position in Tekken, Training Mode + Left will reset your character positions in SFV.  In the Smash Profile, Training Mode + Up will end your match).  This 'Training Mode' feature to allow you to quickly and easily reset your position, take screenshots, and more.

          Hold Touchpad + Options and your stick changes into useful training mode commands!

          Importing/Exporting Training Mode profiles:  When you click "Show Training Mode Keys" checkbox on the main Designer screen (top right), you see a new button layout associated with your Touchpad + Options Training Mode Profile.  While this checkbox is clicked, you can modify and save this profile as a "Training Mode Only" profile.  To do this, press CTRL+E or going into Settings and "Export Layout."  The Training Mode designation tag is shown in the profile importer with a tag that says “Training Mode Only” (see picture above).  Now any time this profile is imported, it will only be visible if the "Show Training Mode Keys" checkbox is clicked, and won't get mixed in with the core button layout!

          Easter Eggs and More:  ???  (Turn your volume up)

          Designer Keyboard Shortcuts:  We're all about input shortcuts over here at Hit Box.  Here's the full list of shortcuts in the Designer thus far.

          Ctrl + L = Load Controller
          Ctrl + S = Save Controller
          Ctrl + I = Import Layout
          Ctrl + E = Export Layout

          Programmable Nunchuck:  The Nunchuck feature of the Cross|Up is now better than ever!  You can now program the buttons for your Nunchuck.  You can also choose whether to map the Nunchuck as Left Analog Stick or Right Analog Stick, as well as having the option to invert your axes for games that don’t give you that option.
          The Cross|Up is now fully comfortable in things besides fighting games. Use it for AAA titles, even first person shooters. We have a few spicy new profiles that cook up novel ways to leverage these features. Operation is simpler than ever: just plug in a Nintendo Wii-compatible Nunchuck whenever you want traditional analog controls. 

          New Profiles

          Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the dogs of [CoD] war[ZONE]

          With all these new features, comes all sorts of new STUFF!  We've gone ahead and loaded 1.06 with fun and new interesting ideas to check out, experiment with, and customize.

          Updated Secret Menu:  It's a secret to everybody!  We've re-arranged the profiles in the Secret Menu so that you can try out some of the new fun stuff!

          Hold a button down while you plug in your Cross|Up to access these profiles.  The loaded profile will now be on the third profile switch (position "II") to play!

          P1 | P2 | P3 | P4:  These are all set to different Training Profiles to try out (scroll down for more details)!

          P1 - Training Layout - Tekken Combo Practice
          P2 - Training Layout - DBFZ
          P3 - Training Layout - UNICLR
          P4 - Training Layout - SFV

          UP | K1 | K2 | K3 | K4:  We've refined our favorite alternate layouts for you to try, and K4 is a good entry point for trying out first person shooters.  Hold a Nunchuck in your right hand and have fun!

          DP UP - No Up on Joystick
          K1 - Alternate Layout - Anime Style
          K2 - Alternate Layout - Thumb Fu
          K3 - Alternate layout - Keyboard Style

          K4 - Shooters - Joystick (Run) Nunchuck (Righty)

          Import / Export:  See even more new profiles waiting for you by importing pre-made profiles!  "Import Layout" via the Settings button (bottom right) in the main screen, or by simply pressing CTRL+I.  There's enough to keep you busy!

          Alternate FGC Layouts:  Your Cross|Up is not limited to the traditional 8 Buttons as we know it.  Import some deadly layouts and see what style you'd like to play.

          New Smash Profiles:  There are lots of new ideas for Smash layouts to get your brain going.  The original Smash profile is in the third default profile (position "II").  Import a few of these new ones and see which you like the most.  What do you think the best way to play joystick in Smash is?  Share your layout with us!

          Shooter Profiles:  Remappable Nunchuck means we can play FPS!  We included three unique Nunchuck-Stick profiles that are actually kinda amazing.  Just one more way we're bringing the joystick into the 21st century!  Use the Nunchuck to aim down the sites and fire!  (Nunchuck mapped to Right Analog Stick, L2, and R2)

          Most shooter games use very similar button layouts and functions, so these profiles will serve you well.  They are specifically tuned to Call of Duty WARZONE, but can be easily adapted to anything.

          Training Layouts:  We know you spend a lot of time in the lab-- don't worry we won't tell anyone how much.  Wouldn't it be nice if you had a specific profile you can load up every time you hit the gym to get the most out of your grind?
          We cooked up game-specific training mode layouts that add Training Reset features and Dummy Record options right to the face of your controller so you don't have to worry about reaching and finding the menu buttons every time.

          Note:  These profiles are not a replacement for the Touchpad + Options Training Mode, and is not a Training Mode Subprofile at all.  These are main layouts that are an extra convenience for you when you really want to lab hard.  If you do not want to sacrifice any of the buttons on your layout for training purposes, simply use Touchpad + Options along with your profile of choice!

          But if you really want to grind out your combos, etc., you can give up L1 for a Training Mode Reset button!  There's another Tekken Dummy Control layout hidden away in the designer import list as well.  Hint:  It looks a whole lot like this UNICLR Training Profile.

          To control dummy options in UNICLR, you need to pause the game and hit Dummy Record.  By giving up the L1/L2 buttons you're able to quickly grind out punish situations or do whatever you like!  These buttons are already available on the back of your controller, but convenience is king!

          Update your Firmware!

          Remember to update your firmware!

          Download the 1.06 Designer.  Open it up.  And see what's waiting for you!  Here at Hit Box we're committed to delivering your the BEST product imaginable!  Watch for more updates (coming soon) and more content relating to what you can do with the Cross|Up Designer 1.06.

          Download Cross|Up Designer 1.06