Platform Gaming on Smash Box

The Smash Box brings platform games to a new level.

The Smash Box gives you the feel of arcade gaming and provides you more accuracy than the D-pad on a standard controller. If you need that perfect jump or dash timing, the Smash Box does it!

One of the best advantages of the Smash Box is that you can remap your buttons to fit your playstyle and customize layouts for specific games. In addition, the Smash Box is compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC, which gives you access hundreds of platform games, new and old!

In this post we will showcase Smash Box being used for a couple of platform games!



You may have seen this clip from a couple of years ago of Cloud805 playing Mario Maker. Mostly known for his Marvel and Dragon Ball FighterZ play, Cloud805 is something of a platform gamer and streamer too.



Mario Maker is a tough game. However, where Smash Box really shows its strength is in speedrunning. And the most prominent Smash Box speedrunner is Vysuals, best know for his Hollow Knight speedrunning and streaming.



But that is not it. The Smash Box is also great for 3D platform games! Watch Dustin showcase both the Smash Box and Cross|Up in Super Mario 64.


As you can see, the Smash Box's strength with platform fighting games makes it the perfect controller for traditional platform games. Try the Smash Box on your favorite platformer - show us on Twitter or in our Discord!