Button Remapping on Smash Box

One of the greatest strengths of the Smash Box is its customization. And button remapping is probably the most important aspect of that customization. In this post, we will go over how to take advantage of that to personalize and change your layout to your desires and needs - be that for button accessibility, optimization of your character and play, or a focus on comfort and hand health.



Here is a quick rundown on button remapping. Below is a more in depth process.

  1. Download Designer and install drivers before plugging in your Smash Box
  2. Open the Designer software and "Load Values from Smash Box" (bottom right) to ensure you do nott lose what you already have saved on your Smash Box*
  3. Select the "Button Remapping" tab (top of window)
  4. Select which Profile Layout you want to remap (top right)
  5. Click the button you wish to change (on the layout itself)
  6. Then click function you want with that button (menu on the right)
  7. Click "Set" (bottom right, under function menu)
  8. "Save Changes to Smash Box" (bottom right)*

You can remap all the buttons that you see on the layout to whatever functions available. Yes, that even means the Analog buttons and the buttons on the nunchuk. You can even disable buttons if you do not find any use for them. Do what feels best to you, or go crazy and make everything "B."

*If the Designer software is failing to Load/Save, try switching USB ports and choosing the specific COM port your Smash Box is using (bottom)

Note: If you run into any trouble, feel free to drop into our Discord and hit up our #tech-support channel with screenshots and descriptions of your difficulties.
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In Depth Process

First, do not plug your Smash Box into your computer until you have downloaded the Designer software and installed the drivers.


This is how your Designer software should look when you first open it.

Load Values
It is good to make a habit of loading the values from your Smash Box so you do not lose anything you have changed from default later.*

In the top left of the Designer window you will see some tabs to select from.
Click on "Button Remapping."

In the top right of the Designer window you will see a scroll menu next to "Select Layout."
Click that and choose the layout that you wish to remap.
We are going to be remapping Profile 1 today.

This is what our default layout looks like. Let us put "B" where "A" is right now.

So first we must select the button we wish to change by clicking on it. In this case, it is where the "A" is.

Next, select a function under the "Button Function" menu on the right side and click it.
Then, click "Set" right under that menu to map the function to the button.
Here, we are about to set the function of "B" to where "A" currently is.

And just like that, our function is in that new spot.
However, we still want the "A" function, so let us get back in there. Let us replace the "B" button on the right.

Just like last time: click on the button I want to remap on the layout image itself, choose a function from the menu on the right, and then hit "Set."

And there we go. We have officially remapped our "A" and "B" functions to different buttons.

please save
And now the most important part, be sure to click "Save All Changes to Smash Box" to put the layout into your controller.*
*If the Designer software is failing to Load/Save, try switching USB ports and choosing the specific COM port your Smash Box is using.
COM port

If you run into any trouble, please use our troubleshooting guide: Smash Box Designer Help.