Smash Box 5.02 Firmware Update

May 10th, 2022

We are releasing the 5.02 Firmware and Designer for Smash Box.

Download Smash Box Firmware and Designer 5.02

Firmware 5.02

  • Summary:
    • On the Official Nintendo GameCube adapter, if there were 1 or more controllers plugged into the adapter while a Smash Box was plugged in, the Smash Box would disconnect and reconnect intermittently.
    • 5.02 firmware fixes this issue.
    • Note: this issue was and is not apparent on the Mayflash 4-port or Hit Box GameCube adapters.
  • Details and additional notes on this fix will be in the release notes included with the download.

Instructions on Updating the Smash Box Firmware

If you have issues updating your firmware or continue to have disconnects, please email us at