Updating Firmware on Smash Box

We want to ensure that your Smash Box is up-to-date with the Designer you are using. Ensuring this will give you access to new features we add and update going forward.

Before you continue, be sure you have the latest Smash Box Designer: Downloads Page

Updating the Firmware

Step 1: Only connect to the PC

First thing to do is to ensure your Smash Box is not plugged into a console or PC from the top port, and that you are using the side USB-B port to connect to the PC.

And make sure you are using a USB-B to USB-A cable (included with the purchase of a Smash Box).

Step 2: Firmware Updater in the Options Tab

Next, open up the latest Designer, and select the Option tab at the top.

Now select the "Upgrade/Reinitialize Controller Firmware" option in the middle of window.

Step 3: Select COM port and update Firmware

Once the Firmware Updater is open, select "Use A Specific COM Port." Then select the available COM port.

Select "Upgrade Firmware" and a command prompt should open.

Note: If the command prompt says "timeout" or is only open for a few seconds, then the firmware was not updated on your Smash Box.

Once the firmware is done updating, then you should see the success window.

Step 4: Power-cycling the Smash Box

After you close the success window, unplug the Smash Box.

Wait a few seconds, then plug it back into the PC.

Then wait about 10 more seconds - this is to ensure that the firmware has enough time to flash to the Smash Box's board.

Once you have waited 10 seconds, then you can start using the Designer and use your Smash Box to play games!

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If you have issues updating your firmware, please email us at support@hitboxarcade.com.