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Platform Gaming on Smash Box

The Smash Box brings platform games to a new level. The Smash Box gives you the feel of arcade gaming and provides you more accuracy than the D-pad on a standard controller. If you need that perfect jump or dash timing, the Smash Box does it! One of the best...

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Real Time Battle Shogi on Smash Box

At the Hit Box office lately we have been obsessed with a unique game from Japan called Real Time Battle Shogi ("RTBS" for short). It is based off of the classic chess-like board game Shogi, and adds a neat twist: all actions are in real time. This means there's no...

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Smash Box restock update

Smash Boxes are on pre-order. If you pre-ordered a Smash Box, we will be shipping your order the moment we are restocked.Most, if not all, supply and parts are ready to go. The main hurdles are waiting for Cross|Up assembly to finish, and getting production samples of Smash Boxes to...

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Smash Box Update - 4.04a

We're releasing a quick update for Smash Box to improve user experience and add some extra functionality. For those who play a lot of GameCube games besides Smash, you will probably like what we've added for this update. Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update - 4.04a Changes from 4.04: Some button-binds...

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