Playing Smash on the Smash Box!

With the Smash World Tour last-chance qualifier and championships around the corner, and Smash Box being back on pre-order, we would like to present an overview of some of the Smash Box's strengths in the two most popular Smash games: Ultimate and Melee.

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Button Remapping

Button remapping is one aspect that makes the Smash Box stand out compared to other controllers. With the Smash Box Designer software, you can move any bind to whatever button you want!


More info: Button Remapping on Smash Box.



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The best place to start with SSBU is our Getting Started blog


One of the strongest techniques on Smash Box for Ultimate is consistent Neutral Specials, especially for turn arounds.

More info: Tilt Neutral B on Smash Box.



Smash Box is also amazing for B-Reverse and Wavebounces.



The Links are great on Smash Box for a lot of reasons, but being able to easily access walks that keep their shields up is incredibly strong.

More info: Shield Walk with the Links.



Everyone knows that the fighting game characters are especially strong on Smash Box. For example, Terry can maintain COIL much easier on Smash Box.

More info: Terry Overview.



And there is also Kazuya, and his powerful EWGF made much easier on Smash Box.

More info: EWGF on Smash Box.



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Consistency is a key strength of the Smash Box for Melee. Get on the right foot with our Getting Started blog for Melee.



Get the most precise pivot playing on Smash Box.


More info: Pivots in Melee.



Back dashing out of crouch has become a prominent technique for many characters, and it is made more consistent on Smash Box.


More info: Perfect Crouch Dash.



Smash Box can even strengthen characters like Samus!


More info: SHFF Missiles on Smash Box.



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