The Hit Box is now in Europe!

Thanks to our partner SmallCab, we are distributing the Hit Box in Europe - starting with a limited stock going live today!

We appreciate all of the patience that the European community has provided us as we have worked to get to this point. Note that only the Hit Box will be available on SmallCab's website at this time, however we do intend on providing the Smash Box and the Cross|Up to Europe in time. This is a huge, new venture for us so we appreciate your understanding as we develop and improve our European distribution.

Note: The Hit Boxes through SmallCab are not on the latest firmware. If purchasing through SmallCab, please ensure to update the firmware one you receive your order. More info can be found here: Hit Box Firmware v1.04.


SmallCab is a vendor based in Savigny, France that specializes in arcades and various arcade accessories. If you are based in Europe and are looking for parts for your arcade controller, we recommend SmallCab: