Hit Box Firmware v1.04

The Hit Box has new firmware to comply with the CPT 2023 Ruleset plus improved functionality for fighting game training modes.


Hit Box Version Compatibility

WARNING: Updating an incompatible Hit Box with this firmware can result in your controller being unusable.

  • Compatible with: PS4/PC Hit Box
    • If your Hit Box has 4 menu buttons on the top, then it will be compatible.
      • If your Hit Box was ordered before June 2016 your Hit Box may not be compatible. Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you suspect your Hit Box was ordered within that time-frame.
    • If your Hit Box only has 3 menu buttons on the top, it is not compatible - do not update to this firmware.
  • Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you do not know your Hit Box version or compatibility.


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New Features

SOCD Modes

  • Standard SOCD Mode
    • This is the default setting of the Hit Box.
      • Unplugging and replugging in your Hit Box will set it to Standard SOCD Mode.
    • Up + Down = Up
    • If your Hit Box is set to Alternative SOCD Mode: Hold Down + Options for 3 seconds to enter Standard SOCD Mode (or unplug and plug in your Hit Box).
  • Alternative SOCD Mode
    • Up + Down = Neutral (Center)
    • Hold Down + Options for 3 seconds to enter Alternative SOCD Mode (when in Standard SOCD Mode)
  • Official Feature Blog post: https://www.hitboxarcade.com/blogs/hit-box/socd-modes-on-hit-box

Left Stick and Right Stick Clicks (L3/R3)

Additional Notes

  • The Hit Box will take 3 to 5 seconds to boot when you plug it in. After waiting a little bit you can press the Home button to then activate it on PS4.
  • Please report any issues with the firmware in the #tech-support channel in our Discord or contact support@hitboxarcade.com.


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Download Firmware v1.04

How to update firmware: Updating Firmware on Hit Box
[instructions for updating firmware are also included with the firmware download]


For any other questions or concerns, please visit our Discord and post in the #tech-support channel, or contact us at support@hitboxarcade.com.