Update on PS4/X1 Hit Boxes - April 2018

Hi everyone, as promised, here's our update for the PS4/X1 Hit Boxes.

You guys expect the best and we deliver the best. But the best takes time.

That's why we have to announce a one month delay.

Here's why:

With the release of new FG's this early 2018, we had expected demand for hit boxes to grow.

What we DIDN'T expect, is just how much everyone wanted Hit Boxes. The demand exceeded even our expectations.

  • We are now making a lot more boxes in this batch. A lot more than we ever had before.
  • We are also making a very significant improvement on our USB cables. This is based on player feedback we have received, both in person and online. The new batches of Hit Boxes will have these new cables, which we feel cuts the possibility of needing to switch out cables that much closer to zero.
  • The cables for existing HB's already have a very low failure rate. But, that rate is still higher than what we personally want for our boxes. We're responding to this as appropriate.

We take the quality of our product very seriously. This batch of hit boxes hopefully represent that. As much as we do not like delaying boxes, we definitely do not want anyone to be dissatisfied with their box even more. More than anything else.

So, the PS4/X1 Hit Boxes now have an ETA of shipping in early May (first two weeks). If this becomes earlier, you all will be the first to know. And once these are ready, we will ship them ASAP.

Trust us, this decision wasn't made lightly. We also completely understand that some people cannot wait that long.

That's why we are very happy to offer a complete refund of any pre-orders, if this should be the case. Simply email support@hitboxarcade.com with your order # and we'll take care of you, straightaway.

Thank you very much for reading our note, and for your continued support of Hit Box.

For any questions, please email support@hitboxarcade.com. We'll be happy to answer any of these for you.

- Team HB