Weekly Round Up #2: Post Final Round Edition

Howdy! With all the hype from Final Round this weekend, there was quite a bit going around regarding news in anything and everything fighting games. And, even more tech for Smash Bros. Ultimate! Let's hop right into it!

Smash Box: Tilt Attacks

We're keeping our tutorials going! In this new guide, we talk about another fundamental skill to master using your SB: how to do tilt attacks! With the SB being a all-button "box" controller, triggering tilts literally takes just a button press—ensuring you never miss it in clutch situations.

Anime-Style Footsies

Jayto is back at it again with even more content this week! In the highlight below, he goes over how footsies work in DBFZ—yes, there is footsies in airdashers too!—and how an HB works well when training your spacing. Check out the video below.

KBD In-Training: Tekken 7

Phatb0i has been a member of the HB community army for a while now, and is known as a Dhalsim player. However, he's been recently dipping his toes into Tekken 7, already showing some results online! Here's a quick video of him training his Korean Back-Dashes on an HB. It'll only get crisper from here!

Community Highlight Post of the Week

This one doesn't need any context. We will post this, and stare at it in awe.