Time for Capcom Cup X

Capcom Cup X

With competition around the globe in the Capcom Pro Tour, the World Warrior series, and the Last Chance Qualifier, all of the best Street Fighter 6 players have been chosen and are ready to compete in one of the most prestigious esports titles in fighting games: the Capcom Cup Champion!

Tune in online this week to see our very own Kawano compete for his part of the 2 million dollar prize pool.



However, if you find yourself with the urge to practice during the action, we have some great content for you.

Street Fighter 6 on Hit Box

These are our foundational techniques and tips for playing Hit Box in SF6:


If you are looking to get your hands on the arcade controller that is best suited for optimal gameplay, check out the Hit Box.

Taking it to the next level

Be sure to join our Discord to ask for any help with Hit Box inputs and strategies.

And if you really want to get on the grind, join the E.X. Dojo. It is the most committed community of Street Fighter 6 players training to become better, and founded by our very own Docta Afrikan!

Good luck to all the competitors this week. For everyone else, it's time to hit that training room to prepare for the next event!