We're Legal -- ALL OF IT!

To resolve the ambiguity around custom controllers, we're developing guidelines around what is and is not tournament legal at @Evo. We'd like feedback from the community. Here's a sneak peek: — EVO (@EVO) September 24, 2019   EVO has just announced their guidelines to controller rulesets. The Cross|Up and...

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Introduction to SOCD and Resolutions

What is an SOCD? SOCD means "Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions." It's the physical actuation of cardinal directions that are separate and opposite to each other - ie, pressing Left and Right at the same time. This phenomenon is best known on all-button controllers, such as the Hit Box and Smash...

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ImageOmega Talks About Switching

@ImageOmega put out a fantastic review / video blog on what it was like transitioning to Hit Box. YES! A new video is ready! Made the switch to a HITBOX recently and I wanted to share my experience (especially as a beginner with a background in pc shooters using WASD...

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BTS Mainstage x Hit Box + Giveaway!

This weekend Hit Box is partnering with Beyond the Summit for their first Smash major event!  We're wishing them success with their first big tournament -- be sure to check it out!!! Watch live video from btssmash on  Also don't forget your chance to win a Hit Box Smash...

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