Welcome Paradise Arcade!

We are happy to formally introduce the Hit Box Licensing Program with Paradise Arcade!



Why Paradise Arcade?

Customer Service:

It is proven time and time again at every event Paradise Arcade attends (Frosty Faustings, Combo Breaker, CEO, EVO, etc.) that they value customer service above all else. From the moment they open up shop at the venue to the second it closes, you can find the team helping customers who look for their services throughout the weekend. Online and in person, Paradise Arcade demonstrates great care and detail into providing customer service.


The MPress Nano exemplifies quality. This product feels nice to use, is sturdy enough for tournament play, and has the right amount of weight to play comfortably in your lap.


Paradise Arcade initiated slim cases with the MPress and have now perfected it with the MPress Nano with its metal case at 6mm!

Community Focus:

The team at Paradise Arcade is well known for providing arcade controller parts as a vendor, arcade cabinets, and mod/repair services at events. As a supporter and sponsor for local and major events, they represent everything great about the FGC.

    Just The Beginning

    As we build the Hit Box Licensing Program, we will share more information and details.

    We are excited to see what the future holds.

    If you are interested in or would like more information on the Hit Box Licensing Program, please reach out to our email: community@hitboxarcade.com


    Welcome Paradise Arcade