P+ - Default Project Plus Profile

This profile provides tons of capabilities for P+. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile, as well as links to more in-depth information and practice.

Wavedash Angles

Modifiers help control your wavedash distance!

We provide access to 5 main wavedash angles. The most useful are going to be our longest wavedashes (with the Y1 and Y2 Modifiers), as they are really good at closing or creating space, but the shorter ones are great for specific positioning and anything close to the ledge. For more in depth info on wavedashing, check out our Melee-oriented post: SSBM - Wave Dash Angles.

Recovery Angles

Demonstrating the most basic recovery angles.

Our modifiers have been revamped to give a total of 72 angles, so expect an overview of how to get all of our recovery angles soon.

Shield Drop


Our Shield Drop works very simply: hold Y2, hold Shield, press Down. You can use this method for standing still or running. You can also dash/run Forward into a Shield, and simply tap Down to get Shield Drops.


We have two main multi-tilts accessible on our profile. These are the main ways players will walk and do tilt attacks. Below is a demonstration of them in use, and how Tilt 1 and Tilt 2 treat diagonal inputs differently.


These multi-tilts also have great utility with Specials.

Learn how to take advantage of this profile in our P+ guide: Getting Started on P+!

If you have any questions about Project+ on Smash Box, please join our community on Discord and visit the #project-m channel. In addition, be sure explore the "Smash Box" and "P+" tags at the bottom of the post for more How-To content.