SSBM - Wave Dash Angles

First let's make sure your Hit Box is set up in Tilt Mode, which is the the top left switch on the left side of the case.  Flick the switch into Circle position (not Line).  The Line position keeps the bottom left cluster of buttons as a D-Pad, but now holding those Left Thumb Buttons will let us get crisp angles! 
In selecting your Wave Dash distance, it's important to know your way around the individual X-Axis and Y-Axis Tilt Modifiers! In order, these are the actions needed to go from the shortest to the longest Wave Dash.
And here's those Wave Dashes in action.
The Left Thumb Modifiers only affect one axis at a time.  So if we held down the X1 modifier, we now are walking instead of dashing, but are free to jump and fast fall with the Y-Axis.  It ONLY affects the Left/Right directions.
So with that said, if we hold down the X1 modifier and hit Down + Right, we are going to be angled at a very short wave dash -- slightly to the Right, and all the way Down is a really steep looking trajectory.
X1 is shortest, and Y1 is the furthest.  Think of it like a musical scale (Do Re Mi Fa So).  Try it in order!  Try Wave Dashing: X1, X2, no modifier, Y2, Y1 as shown above.  Your thumb is going in a counter clockwise circle around the Left Thumb Buttons.
Confusing?  That's okay!  We made this awesome video to help break down visually how these Wave Dash angles work on Smash Box!

Note: This video is based off of our previous default layout, but the modifiers are in the same place.

Like angles?  Want to learn more?  Hang tight because we'll be posting how to do all of the Fox Fire recovery angles soon, and some awesome tricks to get even more angles.  My speedrunning profile has 112 angles in it!  And I navigate them the same way as we show in this video.  Practice makes perfect!

Happy Training!