RoA on Smash Box - Default Profile

We're proud to introduce our profile specifically designed for Rivals of Aether. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile, as well as links to more in-depth information and practice.

Note: Our profile is optimized for Steam and using the Hit Box GCC Adapter. There may be some differences from our adapter and other adapters.

Recovery Angles


There are a total of 24 recovery angles in Rivals of Aether, and we provide access to all of them. Below shows what a quadrant looks like with our recovery inputs.




We have two main multi-tilts accessible on our profile - these are the main ways players will walk and do tilt attacks.



Check out our post "Getting Started with Rivals of Aether on Smash Box."

If you have any more questions, please check out the Index linked below as well as the #rivals-of-aether channel in our Discord.

May your inputs be blessed,