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RoA - SOCD Neutral

With our controllers you have the ability to actuate both Left and Right at the same time. This is what we call an SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions). Our default setting for Left + Right SOCD is "Neutral" meaning the controller outputs a 'center' position for the directions. This offers...

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RoA on Smash Box - Default Profile

We're proud to introduce our profile specifically designed for Rivals of Aether. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile, as well as links to more in-depth information and practice. Note: Our profile is optimized for Steam and using the Hit Box GCC Adapter. There may be some...

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Rivals of Aether for Steam on Smash Box

With its growing popularity, more players are starting to get into Rivals of Aether, including many Smash Box players. Here's a guide to setting up your controller for the game on Steam. Overview GameCube to PC Adapters:  Lossless adapter Recommended adapter for Smash Box due to functionality and options. Mayflash...

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