SSBU - Different Walk Speeds and Uses

Ultimate is unique among Smash games and platform fighters due to the different types of walks it has in the game. The different walks and thresholds for the analog directions allows us to have more control in Ultimate. In this post we will go over all the different walks that are accessible on the Smash Box and what they do.

Speed Differences


  • X1 - Slowest
  • Tilt 2 - Slow
  • X2 and Tilt 1 - Medium
  • X3 - Fast
  • Full Walk* - Fastest

*Full Walk: This is what we call the fastest walk in the game, and there are basically three ways to get it on the Smash Box.

  • First, when you use any of the modifiers above to walk, you can release the modifier while still holding forward to go into Full Walk - the example in the gif uses Tilt 2.
  • Second, you can Dash Walk into it by tapping X1 or Tilt 2 during your dash animation.
  • And lastly, buffer a direction, without a modifier, out of anything else your character does (ie, landing from an aerial or in the recovery animation of an attack).


Run Stop

  • X1 - Stops Run
  • Tilt 2 - Stops Run
  • X2 and Tilt 1 - Stops Run
  • X3 - Maintains Run

Most of the walk modifiers stop your run animation and put you into that walk. You can use this for going into Tilt Attacks or general positioning and movement.





  • X1 - Maintains Teeter
  • Tilt 2 - Maintains Teeter
  • X2 and Tilt 1 - Maintains Teeter
  • X3 - Does not Teeter
  • Full Walk - Does not Teeter

With any walk that maintains teeter, when you release the modifier you will break the teeter since doing this puts you into Full Walk. The Full Walk example in the gif above uses a Dash Walk with Tilt 2.


Dash Walk



Tap either X1 or Tilt 2 during your Dash animation and you will get a Dash Walk - and if you continue to hold forward you will go into a Full Walk. The timing leniency for this is much easier than trying to use Tilt Stick, as you can tap pretty much any time during the Dash.



Ledge Trump from Dash Walk



This may not look special but due to GIMR's discovery - that characters hanging on the ledge can make it difficult to ledge trump them from run, due to the character collision mechanics in Ultimate - being able to slow down right before the ledge is very important. Luckily, getting to the Full Walk is easy with the Smash Box. Check our GIMR's video for more information: THE LEDGE TRUMP SOLUTION.

Shield Walking with Link


Link can keep up his shield to block projects with all of the walks. In addition, both Young and Toon Link can do the same with X1 and Tilt 2 modifiers. Take a look in our post "Shield Walk with the Links in SSBU."

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