SSBU - Shield Walk with the Links

The Link characters in Ultimate can block projectiles with their physical shield as they walk. This is very important when dealing with projectile characters! Using the Smash Box controller for the Nintendo Switch, we'll go over how each of the Links can do this technique.

Young Link

With Young Link, use X1 for a slow walk and Tilt 2 for a faster walk while keeping your shield up.

Toon Link

It is the same with Toon Link as well. To keep your shield up as you walk, use X1 for a slow walk and Tilt 2 for a faster walk.


With Breath of the Wild Link, it is a little bit different because he can use his shield walking at all walk speeds!


  • X1 - Slowest
  • Tilt 2 - Slow
  • X2 and Tilt 1 - Medium
  • X3 - Fast
  • Full Walk* - Fastest

*Full Walk: This is what we call the fastest walk in the game, and there are basically three ways to get it on the Smash Box. First, when you use any of the modifiers above to walk, you can release the modifier while still holding forward to go into Full Walk. Second, you can Dash Walk into it by tapping X1 or Tilt 2 during your dash animation - we use Tilt 2 in the gif above. And lastly, buffer a direction out of anything else your character does (ie, landing from an aerial or spawning a bomb).

Now you can approach instead of run away, to better your chances of beating projectile characters!

For more information on walks in Ultimate, check out our post "Different Walks on Smash Box in SSBU."

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