Importing and Exporting Profiles on Smash Box

We have many profiles that come with the Designer Software for the Smash Box that allow you to play many Smash Bros. games and platform fighters with percision. If you're looking to experiment with these profiles, or create and save your own, you'll need to know how to load and export profiles.

Before you continue, be sure you have the Smash Box Designer Software: Downloads Page



You can load profiles that are saved on your computer into the Designer to edit on your own and save onto your Smash Box.

Open up the Designer Software. Select the profile you wish to load a profile to from the top left tabs.

Then at the bottom left, select "Load Premade Layout."

The Profile Importer window should pop up. Select "Browse Files."

This will give you access to the profiles that come with the Designer Software. All of the profiles are grouped together by type to help find what you're looking for. Here we are accessing a profile from the "Alternate Profiles" folder.

Once you've selected the profile you want, the Profile Importer window will pop back up. Select "Import Profile" to load the profile into the Designer.

Note: If you are loading a profile that didn't come with the Designer download, then some or all of the sections of the Profile Importer will not be filled.

Once you've imported the profile, you should see this window and be ready to save it to your Smash Box!




If you're editing a profile for specific use, you can save it to your computer for future use and share it with others.

Like before, select the profile you wish to save to your computer from the top left tabs.


At the bottom left, select "Export This Profile."

The Profile Exporter window should pop up. Fill out information you think is necessary.

Note: If you wish to have an image to go along with the save of the profile, you'll have to find an image on your computer first, hold shift and right click then select "copy as path." Next, in the image section of the Profile Exporter, paste the path and remove the quotation marks.


Choose where you wish to save your profile, name it, then click "Save."

You should receive a message that looks like this.

You're done. Now you'll be able to use and share your layout easily.



If you are having issues with designer, please try our troubleshooting blog: Smash Box Designer Help.

If you have any questions, check out our other information on Smash Box or the Designer, use the tags and links below.

May your inputs be blessed,