Smash Box — Designer

Customizing Angles on Smash Box

One of the greatest strengths of the Smash Box is the customizability you get from its Designer Software. With it you can shift button layouts around to better fit the game you are playing or your playstyle. You can also customize what angles you can access on your Smash Box,...

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Loading and Saving on Smash Box

This will be an overview on how to Load and Save information to and from your Smash Box through the Designer Software, so you can put your profile editing and button remapping to the test. Before you continue, be sure you have the Smash Box Designer Software: Downloads Page Basic Directions Open the Smash...

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Smash Box Designer

The Smash Box can be used with our Designer Software that allows you to customize your controller. Download Designer Software Button Remapping Use the Designer Software to change your button layout. (More info)   Customize Angles You can use the Designer Software to customize the angles and tilt modifiers on...

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