Smash Box and Slippi Netplay

The Melee community now has roll-back netplay! Here's we'll provide instruction on how to set it up and trouble-shoot, especially for our Smash Box users.


To play on PC you will need a GC-to-USB adapter.

Adapter setup for PC can be found on our Smash Box for PC guide:

  • Lossless adapter
    • Recommended adapter for Smash Box due to functionality and options.
  • Nintendo adapter
    • Best availability, overall a good adapter.
  • Mayflash (4-port) adapter [warning]
    • Requires V05 firmware (any other firmware will not allow the Smash Box to be used).
    • New Mayflash 4-port adapters come with either V06 or V07 firmware, which is incompatible with Smash Box. The firmware cannot be downgraded.
    • If you can confirm that an adapter has V05 firmware, then it will be a better option than Nintendo's adapter due to its overclocking and PC capabilities.
  • Hit Box GC adapter [discontinued]


Next you'll need to get the Slippi build of Dolphin. Download page linked right below.

Download from the Slippi page, extract, and open up Dolphin.


Now, double-click the text that appear on Dolphin to choose the folder that your Melee iso lives. If successful, Melee and other games you have in that folder should show up in Dolphin's main window. (You can also go to "Options," then "Configuration," then "Path" and add the folder that way.) 

To optimize how the game runs, go to "Options" -> "Graphics Settings." Under the "Display" section, select "Use Fullscreen." This will limit the lag when the game is running. Also, if you want a better looking Melee, go to the "Fullscreen Resolution" option, and choose the best option for your PC.

Finally, start up Melee through Dolphin. Press A to log in, and it should take you to an official Slippi page. Follow the instructions on that page to set up your netplay account.

  • You should be all set to play roll-back netplay Melee!
  • Download, extract, and open Dolphin
  • Choose file path for your Melee iso
  • Set up to use fullscreen, and change your resolution
  • Start up Melee, log in, and set up your account

More Info

Here's a in-dept video by Michael Radar going over what this Slippi build is all about and how to set it up.

For any questions about Slippi, head to their Discord.
And please support Fizzi, the creator of Slippi, on Patreon.