Smash Box - Information, How To, and Features — SSBM

SSBM - Samus Platform Missiles

We got missiles.  We got a whole lot of missiles.  Smash Box allows us to make advanced techniques like Platform Missiles more practical and consistent than ever before!  We are going to break down platform techniques you can do with Samus step by step, so that you have the tools...

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Smash Box and Slippi Netplay

The Melee community now has roll-back netplay! Here's we'll provide instruction on how to set it up and trouble-shoot, especially for our Smash Box users. Adapter To play on PC you will need a GC-to-USB adapter. Adapter setup for PC can be found on our Smash Box for PC guide:...

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SSBM - Default Melee Profile

  Designed with the Smash World Tour ruleset in mind, this profile provides tons of capabilities for Melee. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile. Download Designer Wavedash Angles Modifiers help control your wave dash distance! We provide access to 5 main wavedash angles. The most useful are...

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SSBM - SOCD Neutral Tech

The default setting on Smash Box for SOCDs is to resolve to Neutral. This means that when you press Left + Right, the Smash Box outputs a Neutral or 'center' position with the directions. This is a great tool we can use to be more precise with some specific actions in Melee....

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SSBM - Pivot Techniques

  Precise control of your movement is one of the most important skills to hone in Melee. And one of the more unique, difficult, and useful movement techniques to master is pivoting. Here we'll talk about the multiple ways you can pivot with a Smash Box, separated into three styles:...

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