RoA - SOCD Neutral

With our controllers you have the ability to actuate both Left and Right at the same time. This is what we call an SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions). Our default setting for Left + Right SOCD is "Neutral" meaning the controller outputs a 'center' position for the directions. This offers the opportunity for many interesting things that we'll showcase with Rivals of Aether. Note: Though this blog showcases Smash Box, the same ideas apply to Hit Box as well.

For more info on SOCD, check out our Introduction to SOCD and Resolutions.


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When "SOCD" is stated in input transcripts, this means "Left + Right."

This is the default button layout we are using.


Run Cancel into Walk

With SOCD you can cancel a Run into a Stand. From there you can go into anything. 

Hold Forward > SOCD > X2/Tilt 1/Tilt 2 + Forward


Run Cancel into Tilt Stick

You can even go straight into Tilt Attacks with Tilt Stick.

Hold Forward > SOCD > C-Stick


Run Cancel into Jab and Up/Down Tilts

If you have the Strong Attack option OFF in Rivals, you can go into tilts directly too.

Jab: Hold Forward > SOCD + A

Up / Down Tilt: Hold Forward > SOCD + Up/Down + Attack


Run Cancel into Forward Tilt

Very similar to above, but in order to prevent a dash attack we're going to hold a tilt modifier to guarantee the tilt attack.

Hold Forward > SOCD > X2/Tilt 1/Tilt 2 + Forward + Attack


Neutral Special from Run

SOCD Neutral also works for Specials. Here we can run right into a Neutral Special.

Hold Forward > SOCD + Special


Turn Around Neutral Special

We can use the same idea from above to actually force which direction we're facing with the Neutral Special.

Go Forward > Press Back > SOCD + Special

Go Forward > Jump > Press Back > SOCD + Special


Walk into Dash

You can even get a Dash directly out of a Walk.

Start a Walk with a Modifier (either X2, Tilt 1, or Tilt 2):
Hold Forward > Release the Modifier > Tap SOCD > Forward


Pivot Jump

Pivots can be quite difficult, but with SOCD Neutral you can hone in on the precision that you need.

Dash Forward > Dash Back >> INSTANTLY SOCD + Jump

Note: This could be easier for some by having Tap Jump on and using Up as your Jump button.


If you have any more questions, please check out our "Index as well as the #rivals-of-aether channel in our Discord - all linked below.

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